Yoga is for everyone and every “body”.  I began teaching because I wanted to make yoga accessible for all ages & to celebrate the uniqueness of our anatomy.  This is my full-time passion which means I have time to dedicate to continued learning with trainings/workshops/certifications and I also plan out all of my sequences with tons of love and attention to detail.

If you can breathe, you can do yoga.  It is as simple as that.  You do not need to be flexible, a certain size, a particular age, etc.  You just have to show up on your mat and celebrate being you.

My teaching style include empowering my students to use variations and props to find the balance between effort and ease in each shape.  I leave enough silent time during class so you can tune into how you are feeling and enjoy a break in your day from external noise/stimulus.  I add in pranayama, meditation, mudras, yoga philosophy, quotes/poems so your practice goes beyond the physical.

Why the name Reiki Energy Yoga?  I am a Reiki Master and I do believe that the positive energy we put into our practice does follow us when yoga really begins, when we step off of the mat.

I am officially certified to teach a variety of classes/styles including…

Practice with me virtually with on-demand videos or Zoom.

Still not sure…contact me at ReikiEnergyYoga@gmail.com and I am happy to help.

Namaste ~ Carol


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